VP of AI/ML/Data Science/Analytics

Position: VP of AI/ML/Data Science/Analytics

Location:  NYC or remote/hybrid


A highly successful global consulting firm seeks a VP of AI and Data Science to continue with the main platform development.

Roughly 10 years ago, this prestigious client created their Data Science/Big Data division to help their clients find treasure, located just under the surface.

The platform was developed first, and then consultants began reaching out to clients, in an effort to show them, via the magic of AI/ML and data science, where there is hidden golden opportunities, yes plural, buried within their own existing data.

Similar to how 2019 Nobel prize laureates, Michel Mayor & Didier Quelo discovered the first exoplanet in 1995 via data, and how this opened the flood gates allowing many other scientists to discover over 4000 other expoplanets today (and counting), so did this platform with Big Data.

This AI/Data Science division is now the fastest growing, within the entire firm, even today in this volatile economy.

You will report to the CTO.

Given your BSCS, MSCS and preferably your PhD CS, or equivalent, and your 10+ years of architecting, leading, guiding, pivoting, adapting and building the development of a successful Data Science platform, capable of handling intense, rapid and steady requests, you will lead ~20 Data Scientists and Senior Software Engineers to further improve the development of said effort.

The successful candidate will have experience with most of the following:  LLM, NLP/NLG, reinforcement learning, Python, Kubeflow, MLFlow, Argo, Jupyter, AutoML, H2O, DataRobot, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, GCP and Azure.

Half of this engineering team (yours and the others) is(are) located in NYC and half all across our great nation.

This is therefore a true nationwide search.

If you live outside of NYC, you will be asked to fly in every day – actually, I’m just making sure you’re reading this carefully.  (We all need levity every now and again, right?)

It will be once every quarter or so.

If you’re searching for that exciting new opportunity or just curious to take a peek at the market, fill out the following fields, in confidence.

And remember, even if you’re not looking at all, you should honestly interview twice a year to A) find out what you’re truly worth; B) find out firsthand what others are doing; C) keep your interviewing skills sharp for your inevitable search; D) expand your network via face-to-face interaction; and E) find out if you could find that perfect fit.

With any set of reasons, we look forward to helping you.

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