Terran Systems recently helped us locate and find 2 great Director level engineers (UI and Machine Learning).  After listening carefully to what we were looking for, they methodically searched and presented us with fewer than 10 candidates over the following 1.5 months, before we selected two.  We couldn’t be more satisfied with these results and we are happy to recommend Pat Ross, Brian Golen, Sean Fitzgerald, as well as everyone else at Terran Systems.

CEO Aktana 

Sean has successfully placed an amazing 40% of our engineering organization, and 100% of his placements have been our topmost performers. He goes to unparalleled lengths to learn about very advanced technologies to understand our needs and make uncommonly targeted recommendations. In fact, our mid-funnel conversions for his candidates are twice that of any other Recruiter we work with. What’s more, Sean seems to genuinely care about the welfare of both his clients and candidates, and I know many candidates develop career-long relationships with him across several successful placements. Sean is reliable, efficient, and always attentive to sudden changes in our needs or plans.  Indeed, I have never worked with a Recruiter more diligent than he.  I cannot recommend Sean highly enough.

CTO & Founder of Volley 

Terran Systems is one of the best in the business.

COO, Latitude20 Capital Partners 

Every single person you placed is still working with us, including the SVP of Engineering.  He was the first person you guys placed here when I started 3 1/2 years ago.  I think the second one hired was the Computer Vision Engineer and that was no small feat.  The rest are still happily employed.

VP HR, Magic Leap 

Hi Sean, Thank you.  By the way, (your Director of Engineering placement) is an awesome leader.  He has made some good impact on (our company) already.


VP Engineering 

Patrick Ross is an excellent recruiter, the best I’ve ever worked with.  I worked with Patrick and recommended him to several of my colleagues.  Every time the results were excellent.

Engineering Manager at Broadcom 

Terran Systems has been providing me professional help by introducing me into a few critical opportunities that has turned my career into different gear.  They are able to assess the company staffing strategy from executives to operation and especially to cater to my career developmental needs in order to make a perfect match. I am very impressed with their service as they don’t treat you as a paper resume, but treat you as a talent who can bring impact to the target company.

Head of Machine Learning 

Patrick has provided multiple introductions that have been a great fit. This contrasts quite a bit from many who attempt to provide random introductions that have no fit whatsoever. I highly recommend working with Pat for your Recruiting needs.

Chief VR Scientist 

The job opportunity you provided me, working as a senior hardware engineer was an excellent opportunity for me, Thanks.

Senior Hardware Engineer 

Great! Your Director of Hardware placement is really good, and expecting good things from your Senior Software Architect placement. Please keep finding candidates of this caliber.  (…then 7 weeks later…)  Dear Terran, Just wanted you to know that your Senior Software Architect placement is a solid, productive, and happy employee and is working out very well.  You have done an excellent job finding us these top candidates.

Director of Software 

Terran Systems is the best search firm that I have worked with so far. They helped me secure me a job that perfectly matched my background and interest and boosted my career to the next level. I really appreciate their service.

Principal Software Engineer 

Patrick helped me find my first job when I just finished my Ph.D and at a time when the job market was really really bad.  Patrick was recruiting a junior position for a startup which needed a very special skill set.  He helped me pass my resume to the hiring manager.  It was such a perfect match.  It helped me grow tremendously.  I would like to thank Patrick for finding such as a perfect position for me. It rarely happens in real life, but it does happen with a good recruiter and the best of luck.

Member of Technical Staff 

Patrick Ross found me a career defining job with a very prestigious company I am very proud to have worked for along with very talented peers.

Senior Software Engineer 

You really helped me turn my career around.  From feeling trapped at a big company that was getting more and more bureaucratic, you found me a position at an exciting stealth startup with huge upside potential!

Senior Software Engineer 

Everyone at Terran Systems did a great job in helping me find an exciting new position.  Not only did they present me with several great choices, but they also helped me secure several offers.  I highly recommend this professional, well-connected firm.

Senior Software Engineer 

Patrick Ross is excellent recruiter, the best I’ve ever worked with.  Patrick helped me find my first job in United States, which was not easy at the time.  He lined up several interviews during my visit with good companies for positions well matching my experience.  I worked with Patrick later and recommended him to several of my friends who were looking for the job.  Every time the results were excellent.

Software Engineer 

This position was a great match for me. I am really happy with the services you provided.

Senior Software Engineer 

I really like it. Thank you for all your help.

Senior Java Developer 

Great find. He’s working out very well.

Human Resources Manager 

You are one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with so far.  I truly appreciate your support in this job searching process.

Principal Engineer 

In addition to helping me find a great job with Adobe, Patrick has done (and is doing) a great job keeping in touch with me over the following years.  He is the first recruiter I contact when between jobs and the first I recommend to my friends when they are searching.  Whether I am between jobs or not, I can rely on him for helpful information and advice.

Principal Software Engineer 

Terran Systems was instrumental in helping me take the next step in my career. I secured two terrific jobs working with the Terran Systems team. I also really appreciated the patience in working with the Terran staff to land the right opportunity vs. the first opportunity. The no-pressure environment created helped me find the right opportunities in both instances.

QA Architect 

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