Hacked By [?]DaTenshi[?]

Dont worry  We  just upload our Deface page !!
Never give up and try again to protect your web site
We don’t follow rules  We  make our own rules
We  are here in order to achieve our dreams
We  walk on the road alone ,  Our goals is clear
We  do not care obstacles  ,  We do not know despair
We do not know failure  , our spirits never die
We  are  Extreme Crew
Don’t forget visit us in our website
The Power Of [?]DaTenshi[?]
Alone without resistance , We are coming

Member Team : Mr.Buckethead | Kinal Undetected | Mr.Akashi | Angel7 | Chinax | McQueen_404 | ./51N1CH1 | ID10T | BySlank | Thivanka Dot ID | Mr.Sparrows | Everyblee Dot ID | Slazerdock | unFoxee | Sandi-X

My Friends : Pak Haxor | VINUX |  ./Mr.Dha | Mr.HaurgeulisX196 | Pooi Chai | Ice-Cream | AnonBoy | RussX9  | ./Na-z | KoeMala | ./Mr.Blank~48 | Little~Rabit_404 | DrWatson |  and you !!

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