Terran Systems was born on April 5, 1993 in a backroom windowless office in Encino, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. It actually started as an autonomous division of a larger search firm, Emersoft (now closed). The room doubled as the location of Emersoft’s phone panel system located on the back wall of the room. Many times throughout the day, several clicks and beeps could be heard as calls were continuously made throughout the firm.

Even though Terran Systems’ humble beginnings started in Southern California, over its entire 31 year existence, it has always focused primarily (over 99%) on the Bay Area market.

Today, Terran Systems is co-located with physical offices in Sunnyvale as well as Encino.

For its first 3 years, Terran Systems operated via the name Omnicode. This name was selected as a way to portray the idea…universal coders, or more completely, “Whatever kind of software engineer you required, we will find them.” The name proved useful for these early years, however in early 1996, the name was changed to Terran Systems (People Systems) to better convey who we represent and what we do.

In January of 1997, the firm was spun out of Emersoft and incorporated to become its own stand-alone entity as a California corporation.

From 1997 to 2001, Terran Systems promoted Recruiters from within to team-lead positions to specialize in different market segments. Sibling search firms were created for them to do this properly. For example, Modicom was the first sister firm created to focus primarily on Front End UI positions. Terran Systems then remained focused on Backend positions. Other search firms spun out during this time and incorporated were Shoreline Digital (B2C positions), BayTech Solutions (Analog/Mixed Signal Chip Design), StingRay Systems (Memory Chip Design), Ziptekk (B2B) and Koa Networks (Networking).

In the year 2000, Terran Systems acquired a competing search firm, N2 Technologies. A team was subsequently put together in-house under the N2 name to focus on Telecommunications positions.

After years of success by all these subsidiaries, in 2012 the teams were re-acquired by Terran Systems to focus all efforts on different segments from within.

Terran Systems, whether through its sibling companies, or as a whole, has been fortunate enough to make successful placements at many household brand-name technology companies such as Adobe, AMD, AT&T, Boeing, EA, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix, NVIDIA, Oracle, PayPal, Samsung, SAP, Sony, Symantec & Tivo to name a few (see Our Clients page for an expanded list).

Today, we specialize in the software and technology industries, more specifically in the AI, AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), ANI (Narrow), ASI (Superintelligence), Augmented Reality, AV, B2B, B2C, BigData, Biometrics, Cloud, Cloud Security, Computer Vision, Continuous Learning, Deep Imitation Learning, Deep Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Deep Reinforced Learning, Drones, Edge Computing,  EAI (Embodied), EV, Hybrid-Cloud, IoT, Machine Learning, Multicloud, Networking, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Robotics, SaaS, Security, VR and XAI (Expandable) segments.

We work primarily with startups, funding rounds A-C, ready to take on the world. Indeed, some of the above-mentioned companies were startups when we made our first placements there.  And then, there are many clients (startup, medium and established) who have, subsequent to our placements, gone on to be successfully acquired.  (See our Successful Exits page to see examples of many)

All together, Terran Systems has made over 4800 successful placements. The most important fact here however, is how often both the candidate and the client express satisfaction well after the first day on the job.  (See our Testimonials page for these details).

Terran Systems has also developed an extensive in-house Technical Recruiter training program. Our goal is to have every Recruiter who is ever employed at Terran Systems remain until his/her retirement. However, whether a geographical change issue or otherwise, sometimes an associate has to move on. Terran Systems is proud to have trained internal Talent Acquisition Recruiters to become successful alumni at notable firms such as Ally Financial, Apple, Bank of America, Boston Scientific, Dropbox, Facebook, Fandango, GMAC, Google, Hyperloop TT, Idealab, Intel, JPMorganChase, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Northrop Grumman, Oracle, Shire, Tesla, Twitter, VMware, Yahoo, Yelp and more.

In summary, we’re very proud of our storied 31-year history…but we prefer to look forward to the next 31 years and how we can best help you. Whether you’re seeking an exciting new career position; a great VP of Engineering who will help guide your overall development; a great engineer who will make “the difference” on your team; or that rewarding Recruiter position, we at Terran Systems look very forward to helping you.

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