Terran Systems is a professional talent acquisition firm specializing in the placement of technology executives, data scientists, software architects and software engineers.Celebrating 31 years of servicing Silicon Valley, San Francisco, the entire Bay Area, and the Los Angeles/Orange County areas, Terran Systems is quite possibly the oldest continuously running, retained and contingency software search firm in the Bay Area. During this time, we’ve made thousands of placements and have acquired 7 other search firms. We’ve hired and trained hundreds of successful Talent Acquisition Recruiters. We’ve placed fine engineers at incredible companies like Adobe, AMD, AT&T, Broadcom, CA Technologies, Canon, Cisco, EA, HP, Intel, Intuit, Juniper, Microsoft, Netflix, NVIDIA, Oracle, PayPal, Qualcomm, Samsung, Symantec and Tivo, to name a few (see Our Clients page and our Acquired Clients page for expanded lists). We’ve also worked with some of the youngest, most exciting startups, still in stealth mode. In fact, several of the companies on the above-mentioned list were startups when we made our first placements there. And as proud as we are of these achievements, we’re most proud of what affect this has had on improving the careers of you, our client-candidates as well as the bottom line of you, our client-companies. Our strength is in the relationships we have built with software executives, engineers, candidates and hiring authorities.  The true fulfillment of everything we do, however, is when our efforts lead to an extremely happy and productive “marriage”.

We look forward to 31 more years of helping you do just that.

Our Mission:

To offer the best talent acquisition service to the software industry of The Bay Area of Northern California; to work as diligently and successfully as we can in matching the position requirements of our client-companies with the career search requirements of our client-candidates; and to do this while understanding full-well the overall and ultimate goals of all parties involved.

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